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Records have shown that high profile individuals, government officials, diplomats, chief executive officers and celebrities are faced with life threats, terrorism and conditions that could endanger their lives. This presents a need for well-trained VIP close protection security operatives. Security is assumed to be the responsibility of everyone but bodyguards take it up as their business and provide a service to suit your profile and need.
Matthew is familiar with the situations surrounding media, fans, crowds and spectators. Therefore, he can make celebrities, diplomats, CEO’s and other VIP’s feel safe and comfortable. Matthew Solly Bodyguarding boasts of maximum VIP security and personal protection.
He provides celebrity bodyguard services for your events, parties, meetings and concerts as needed. He can operate 24-hour VIP security services, so he can always be there for you. Based on your plans and budget, he offers annual, biannual, quarterly, monthly and daily fee packages depending on the clients needs and requirements.
His knowledge of IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) would help to protect VIP’s while travelling on road or while moving in common/open areas from potential threats to their lives and property. He is experienced in the dispensation of  integration devices that can detect IED’s in vehicles and luxury vehicles to be employed before departure from residential area or work offices and while on the road.
He provides security protection advice to his clients and serves them in accordance to their needs and preferences. When you order Matthew’s VIP protection services, you can get back to work, relax and stay assured of the safety of yourself and your family. Matthew’s celebrity bodyguard services keep you safe and allow you to concentrate your energy on other things of the day without being bothered about your personal security for the fact that it is his task to be nearby and keep you well protected at all times.
No matter the profile of his clients, whether they are at their home, in a hotel, carrying out their daily task or going out on a public appearance, their security is constant no matter the amount of that against them and any access to his client is subjected to the client’s approval.
Furthermore, Matthew joins hands with his clients and their agents to guarantee that their private lifestyles are confidential but whenever they attend public events, he usually takes the lead and selects every precaution for the safety and security of his clients. This gives room for his clients to address their fans in a carefully designed manner without causing any security problems.
Matthew Solly is certified and licensed through the SIA (Security Industry Authority), therefore, his VIP security in London and the UK is worth depending on.
Matthew Solly has become a well-known name throughout United Kingdom and across the world in VIP protection and security. Do not hesitate to contact him for a free VIP Protection quotation.

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