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Many dream of fame, high profile, and celebrity lifestyles without dreaming or planning against the risks and the threats that might accompany such status. Regardless of the fact that security is a collective responsibility of every citizen, Matthew provides personal security and personal bodyguard services through his personal protection services. Personal protection is available for visitors that are visiting London and would like to ensure peaceful and loss free stay in the United Kingdom.
Matthew’s personal protection extends from individuals to families and their residential home or apartments.
Matthew and his personal protection is readily available for hire. He is a specialist in advanced driving, security surveillance, risk assessment and provides recommendations that enable you to enjoy your life with your family and at work without having to worry about your personal security.
He is also able to provide protective vehicles that have tinted black windows and even bullet proof with variety of specifications ranging from sport cars, 4x4s to special protection vehicles which you can hire for your personal protection. When you hire Matthew’s personal protection service, you can enjoy his prominent attention in your surroundings. He can put a mechanism in place that can help in the detection of suspicious activities anywhere you are. He will also ensure that you enjoy your privacy.
With Matthew Solly Bodyguarding, you can be rest assured of your protection while travelling, from home to work or when attending any open or public events.
There is no limitation to the services of Matthew Solly Bodyguarding services as he protects your personal security in the UK and abroad.
Matthew uses advance technological devices in the delivery of his services as far as personal protection London is concerned. With such technological devices, he can set up sensitive protection in your home, office and vehicles. This would serve as all round protection and surveillance that gives swift alert if any break in should occur.
Matthew Solly is one of the best and most professional personal bodyguards for hire in London and caters for the protection of celebrities and other very important persons whose personal protection must not be ignored.
He carries out constant surveillance and investigations to assess the likely threats or dangers surrounding his clients. With this, he is always informed and prepared ahead to tackle all challenges surrounding the personal security of his clients.
Matthew Solly is a professional bodyguard that is licensed and certified by SIA (Security Industry Authority) in the UK.
As a close protection and security operative, he understands the importance of information and privacy. Therefore, he keeps client’s information and conversations strictly confidential.
Matthew is proud of the flexibility of his personal protection services, which provide unique protection packages that is beneficial to VIP’s, individuals, business owners, government officials and diplomats.
Your personal security can be your responsibility but if you are looking for a bodyguard who is able to fully protect you, then you should hire Matthew Solly; as he is proud of being one of the UK’s leading bodyguards that offer personal protection and security across the World.

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