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Matthew Solly provides professional close protection and personal bodyguard services under his close protection licence issued by the SIA (Security Industry Authority).
Matthew Solly Bodyguarding provides professional bodyguard services throughout the United Kingdom such as close protection, VIP (very important person) protection, executive protection and personal protection. Matthew’s close protection is second to none in the United Kingdom. He has rendered close protection services for many high-profile individuals and companies in London and the name, Matthew Solly, in the security industry is getting more and more known every day. He is a professional and trusted close protection officer when it comes to bodyguard services.
His security services are integrated with the use of relevant and new technological devices. With such technological devices, he can set up a sensitive protection in your home, office and vehicles. This would serve as complete protection and surveillance that gives swift alert if any break in the security should occur. His close protection services take into consideration past events and records which are fully maximized for the prevention and protection of his clients at present and in the future.
Your personal protection can be your responsibility but it is a business of Matthew Solly Bodyguarding; and Matthew is proud of being one of the leading bodyguards that offer personal and close protection in London, the UK and across the world.
Executive protection is available for CEO’s, diplomats, politicians, executives and principal officials of any organization. People in these categories are most of the time the focus of potential attacks. Hence, the need for a close protection and bodyguard services from a specialist like Matthew. His unique approaches which include valid and current intelligence have made him a point of reference in security industry throughout the World. Matthew is a well-trained and skillful close protection officer that upgrades his security intelligence every day and moves around the globe so as to promote the integration desired in executive security and to make his services the preferable choice of his clients in London and beyond.
Matthew Solly Bodyguarding is a leading service provider in terms of close protection in the United Kingdom. Matthew Solly understands that the world is evolving everyday with more risks and dangers to lives and properties of certain people especially the royal families, business owners, government officials, diplomats and celebrities. Matthew’s close protection services relieve his clients from the burden of theft, kidnap, physical assault, assassination, mugging, hostile confrontation and natural disasters.
VIP protection: experience is said to be the best teacher. Matthew’s exposure and experience has brought him into close familiarity with the situations and the atmosphere surrounding the media, fans, crowd and spectators. With this, he has never failed any client in the cause of his VIP bodyguarding and protection. Therefore, he can make celebrities, diplomats, CEOs and other VIP’s feel safe and comfortable. Matthew Solly Bodyguarding boasts of maximum VIP protection and security. He provides celebrity bodyguard services for your events, parties, meetings and concerts as needed.
Public assumption is that bodyguards are meant for wealthy people, politicians, celebrities and royal families but this is not always the case in this century as certain situations, lifestyles and positions warrant personal protection – hence, the need to hire a bodyguard. Matthew is readily available to provide the close protection and bodyguard services you need. Feel free to contact Matthew Solly Bodyguarding today.

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