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The security records in London show that most of the violence incidents, celebrity attacks and robberies are due to the negligence of the individuals involved as they were not proactive about their security and safety. The greatest error anyone can make is to assume that the world is safe. In recent years, hiring bodyguards in london is the solution which many celebrities, business owners, VIP’s, diplomats, company officials and royal families have found useful.
The threats surrounding the lives of renowned people in London is high and this calls for personal protection London beyond the protection of the government. We owe our safety to what we invest in our personal protection. With the current exponential increase in the crime rate across the globe, celebrities, corporate executives, politicians, chief executive officers and diplomats are having problems with sleep as they are bothered with the fear and worries of threats and their environment.
When you hire bodyguards in London, you must consider the level of threats, your budget, driving skills, the reputation of the bodyguard, experience, the local knowledge of the bodyguard in London and set your preferences right before hiring any bodyguard.
Matthew is one of the most well-known hire bodyguards in London for the close protection services he provides. There are good reasons to hire Matthew as your close protection officer in London as he protects you with his professional skills in close protection, executive protection, VIP protection and general security. He is licensed by the Security Industry Authority. He has worked with private individuals and close protection companies in London and understands the security network in London and has great driving skills. Matthew Solly has built a good reputation which he protects with his life on daily basis. He works with many back-up plans and this has made his close protection services in London excellent and recommendable among other providers of bodyguard services in London. The world has evolved, so is the technology advancing with the drone age. At Matthew Solly Bodyguarding, he uses sophisticated technological equipment and devices to ensure effective deliver of his close protection and executive protection in London.
The protection of life is a very important area of his specialization. The lives and property of his clients are secured as he possesses intuition that allows him to anticipate the potential action of enemy and attacks on his clients. He is an advanced driver that has undergone special security driving training. Matthew is endowed with extremely high psychological capacity, analytical mind and moral stability. He perfectly adheres to every environment he finds himself and does not attract unnecessary attention to himself or the client. He always reminisce through the situation of the environment and takes swift actions in cases of emergency.
If you are looking to hire bodyguards in London kindly contact the best bodyguard; Matthew Solly with your specification and desire, he will offer you a professional service which is customer friendly.

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