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Matthew Solly Bodyguarding is a leading service provider in terms of worldwide close protection. Matthew understands that the world is evolving everyday with more risks and danger to lives and property of VIP clients especially royal families, business owners, government officials, diplomats and celebrities.
The bodyguard services provided by Matthew Solly Bodyguarding are the most professional and well organised protection services you will find. Matthew’s close protection services relieve his clients from the burden of theft, kidnap, physical assault, assassination, mugging, hostile confrontation and natural disasters.
Versatility is the strength in Matthew as he has acquired the necessary training and experience to work with different individuals, groups/companies, families and can work very well with different cultures in the world. He is not limited to London and the United Kingdom, he offers bodyguard services around the globe based on the need of his clients.
Matthew is product of professional security background and has obtained the Close Protection SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence in United Kingdom. He has never stopped learning as he keeps working and undergoing professional training to further equip himself for good security service delivery as a close protection officer. Matthew is considered to be one of the best when it comes to close protection compared to his contemporaries. He trains, works and regularly reviews his experience and also improves his skills; thereby, giving you the best bodyguard service, you deserve.
With his vast experience as a close protection officer, he has many skills to prevent and stop all forms of threats surrounding his clients.
Matthew is disciplined and has great fitness, high level of trust, good communication skills and time keeping. His commitment, desire and dedication are factors that foster his achievements as a close protection officer.
For home services, he offers 24-hour close protection security or different timed shifts on request by his clients. With sophisticated devices and technology, he ensures that all sections of your home are protected.
For clients that travel and attend high profile and sensitive meetings, he carries out full surveillance to every target location before his clients arrives at such location and also carries out full inspections on the vehicles to be used along with planing the journey and the routes to be taken. He offers maximum security protection from residential apartments to public events, meetings and social events.
Based on the level of protection desired which is a factor derived from the class and nature of the profession of clients, he is able to adapt his service to meet each individual’s needs and carries out a full investigation to assess the likely threats that could face his clients. He is certified and licensed through the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and his close protection services are carried out with strict adherence to the provisions of the law.
Matthew has built an undaunted reputation over the years and his close protection security services are second to none. Matthew Solly Bodyguarding is at a much higher level of operation when compared to other close protection companies in London and the UK.

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If you are looking for professional and reliable close protection services, please contact Matthew Solly Bodyguarding for a free security quotation. Call Matthew on 07490076007 or email him at [email protected].