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The rate at which terrorism and insecurity have risen over the years in various countries all over the world is quite alarming and fearsome. There is hardly a day that we do not wake up to the news of various inhumane criminal acts. Cases of murder, manslaughter, rape, theft, robbery, kidnap and even genocide have been incessant in our world today. Security is now a global issue as various countries and international organisations are constantly strategising how to effectively combat these issues that have consumed a large part of our world. It is no surprise to see that VIP’s have, one way or another, toughen up their security to make their security anywhere in the world is guaranteed. Also, individuals who are held in high esteem in various countries have not overlooked proper safety measures by trying all means possible to put in place worldwide VIP protection. In as much as security is a major talking point in the international community today, people have not ceased to show interest in international business, intercontinental culture, tourism and politics.
With the daily interest and involvement in various disciplines that involve people within or outside their countries, the need for individuals to acquire worldwide close protection services cannot be overemphasised. A reliable and professional close protection officer that provides personal protection anywhere in the world is Matthew Solly Bodyguarding. He is a highly trained and a experienced worldwide close protection officer who has over ten years of extensive experience in the security industry. He also provides bodyguard services to interested individuals. Matthew can also be consulted for worldwide VIP security with his wealth of experience in bodyguard services for a number of VIP clients in various parts of the world. A major factor that distinguishes Matthew Solly from other bodyguards all over the world is the fact that he uses state of the art technological devices to ensure advanced security in his personal protection services. The unending war against terrorism and insecurity could be very worrisome and threatening but when you have a trusted worldwide bodyguard such as Matthew Solly, your fears definitely becomes a thing of the past.
Matthew Solly is well trained in close protection operations, law and legislation, operational planning and safe route selection, threat and risk assessment and more. Organisations such as the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) should be applauded for their relentless efforts in combating insurgency. The war-thorn Middle East has been described as a dead zone but the contrary is the case with the kind of ‘worldwide bodyguard hire’ service rendered by Matthew Solly. As a celebrity, top government official or a royal family member, worldwide executive security with high level of expertise is available to you if you consult Matthew Solly for the service of executive protection worldwide. Since insurgency escalated into a full-scale civil war in a few parts of the Middle East, attention have also been drawn to some parts of Africa, America and Europe. In the lesser war-zone countries, cases of suicide bombing and mass shootings have been recorded. Wherever and whenever you want to travel, Matthew Solly Bodyguarding will provide you the best bodyguards in the world who are very adept and will perform their worldwide personal security tasks with aplomb. When you are to choose from any of the close protection companies in the world, make sure you choose Matthew Solly, who has experience, skill and professionalism embedded in him.

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