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Close protection in the UK of today has really gone beyond just having a heavily built man following you everywhere you go, all in the name of being your personal bodyguard. The security threats in our contemporary society cannot be effectively tackled with huge body size alone, but rather with a perfect blend of intelligence and observation skills incorporated in one of the best close protection companies UK. With more than 10 years experience in the UK security industry, Matthew Solly exhibits the highest level of professionalism when it comes to bodyguard services in the UK.
As a Celebrity, Diplomat, Government Official, Royalty or Business Owner who wish to hire a personal bodyguard in the UK, you can be rest assured that by contacting Matthew Solly, you are dealing with one of the best bodyguard companies in the UK. As a highly trained and well experienced close protection officer who has spent his entire life in the UK, Matthew Solly certainly knows his way around all areas of the country. This gives you an edge and absolute peace of mind whenever you hire him and his close protection agency UK.
Matthew Solly is licensed through the SIA (Security Industry Authority) to provide close protection security UK to clients across various classes. Whenever the need arises for you to hire bodyguard UK for your outings like social events, meetings and even for your office and residential properties, you will be putting yourself in the safest hands by calling on Matthew Solly. He renders bodyguard services UK the best way it can ever be done. Matthew Solly can deploy state of the art technological devices to ensure maximum protection in your vehicles, homes, hotels, offices and wherever you may be. He provides fortified close protection UK by utilizing an exceptionally designed triple defence line model in his Executive protection UK. This model strategically combines preventive measures, advanced technological devices and close protection to ensure your safety wherever you are.
Matthew Solly is a unique private bodyguard UK who has a clean and remarkable track record as he has professionally protected various high ranking executives and celebrities who continually seek his VIP and executive protection in the UK. His priority of clients’ safety and satisfaction coupled with the trust he has earned through long term quality service delivery to eminent individuals has made Matthew Solly Bodyguarding distinctly stand out tall as a reliable bodyguard agency UK. Matthew Solly utilizes a functional network among bodyguards and bodyguard companies UK and on global scale to continually enhance his close protection UK service delivery. By so doing, you can be confident that if you hire him as your private bodyguard, you are absolutely protected from not only the threats you know, but also from newly evolving societal threats which he already knows.
One of the fascinating things that will give you absolute satisfaction about Matthew Solly is the feeling of having a personal bodyguard UK who has optimally designed his close protection service to fit your lifestyle. No feeling can be as pleasant as being safe and having fun simultaneously as an eminent individual.

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