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Matthew Solly Bodyguarding provides the best close protection service in South America. Of all the close protection companies in South America, Matthew Solly’s stands out as the leading company. He understands the need for a greater sense of security for all clients including government officials and delegates, CEOs and business owners, royal families and celebrities. The position of these VIP individuals pose a great risk to their security, Matthew understands this fact and has structured his services to specially cater for this class of people. This is the driving force behind his provision of close protection in South America. Matthew Solly ranks as one of the best bodyguards in South America because of the manner of his high level of professionalism. He ensures that clients are protected from all sorts of threat including theft, kidnapping, assaults and assassination. The manner in which he always protects the safety of the life and property of his clients and his versatility in handling different situations are just few of the traits qualifying him as an exceptionally smart close protection officer in South America.
Matthew has professional security qualifications and is licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). Matthew’s driving skills are second to none and is definitely a good asset in evading danger. His good knowledge of road safety measures, excellent memory, communication skills and combat skills undoubtedly explain why he maintains a top spot as a stand out option for personal security in South America. As a bodyguard in South America with immense worldwide reputation, Matthew Solly provides executive protection in South America and all over the world to individuals and corporate bodies and organisations. Matthew Solly’s executive security ensures the safety of the client while respecting the client’s preference for either close protection or a more secretive approach to their security. Whatever the preference of the client is, he carries out his job as a close protection officer professionally without intruding the privacy of the client.
Matthew Solly’s intelligence and ability to read situations perfectly makes him the best bodyguard hire in South America. The word VIP is not exclusive to celebrities and dignitaries as far as he is concerned, as Matthew treats all of his clients as VIPs and provides the best VIP protection in South America to whoever his clients are. The VIP security that Matthew provides isn’t just curative but as well preventive. He always looks to prevent his clients from coming across danger rather than trying to pull them out of danger. Although he does both very effectively, he prefers to not take risks with his clients life except when totally impossible. With these marvellous abilities highlighted above and his over 10 years of experience in the security industry, as important as they are, aren’t just what stands him out as the best bodyguard for hire in South America but much more his loyalty to every single one of his clients against all odds. Till his obligation is fulfilled, he doesn’t look back on ensuring the protection of his clients and this is what makes him the best amongst all the bodyguards for hire in South America.

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