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Qatar is undoubtedly an economic giant in Western Asia. The small nation of over 2.6 million people boasts of the third largest natural gas reserves in the world. The economic success of Qatar has, over the years, attracted investors from different countries of the world. With the expansion of businesses in the country, the safety of lives and property remains a major concern. For VIP’s and businessmen or women, close protection companies that provide close protection officers have been the only go-to solutions for adequate and appropriate security. It is worthy to also note that most criminal acts that occur in the oil-rich nation are carried out by experienced criminals, therefore any investor who wants to get close protection should do well to seek security companies with bodyguards for hire in Qatar.
A name that comes to mind regarding the issue of personal protection in Qatar is Matthew Solly Bodyguarding. A trusted security name in providing close protection services worldwide. As a businessman or woman who is heavily involved in different transactions, travelling to and from the country regularly or occasionally, you can trust Matthew Solly Bodyguarding to provide you with the kind of advanced, modern-day personal security as he stands out among the close protection companies in Qatar. Matthew Solly is a certified close protection officer licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and has an enviable record of providing executive security and VIP protection. He is well-known for providing top-level bodyguards in Qatar and has an enormous wealth of experience when it comes to providing clients with the best services in bodyguard hire in Qatar.
If you are in the country or plan visiting soon, you can be rest assured that Matthew Solly Bodyguarding is the answer to your security and safety as he provides personal and VIP security in Qatar. From the museum of Islamic Art in Doha to the Al-Jazeera Media Cafe, your safety is protected with the best bodyguards in Qatar, if you choose Matthew Solly. In as much as Qatar is a thriving economic giant where investors run to for business purposes, the nation also has some fantastic tourist centres and beautiful landscape. There you can brush shoulders with the rich and famous at The Pearl, the Arabian Adventures which happens to be a luxurious beach and also the sand dunes in a desert terrain located in the country which have all attracted lovers of nature from different parts of the world. Matthew Solly knows these places and more in the country and will ensure, for you, executive protection in Qatar.
As a celebrity, CEO or top government official, the need for VIP security in Qatar cannot be overemphasised. Matthew Solly, is a well-trained security expert, who has familiarised himself with the various locations in the Asian country, is the best among the close protection companies that you can think of using, not just because of his experience but also because Matthew Solly has been providing the kind of security that is second to none. The facilities and personnel are unbeatable, the technological devices deployed by the company are world-class and the services for bodyguard for hire in Qatar by Matthew Solly is affordable and easily accessible.

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