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Close protection companies in North America have had a lot to deal with in recent years due to increasing crime rate. This has warranted for dignitaries, celebrities, CEOs, business men, individuals and corporate organisations to call for close protection services. As a man of worldwide reputation, Matthew Solly is known as one of the best close protection officer in North America. Matthew Solly is licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and his expertise in securing the lives of his clients has paved a way to make him one of the most sought after personal security in North America. It is no news that to combat threats posed by adversary what many people have sought for is close protection and with modern technological tools, intelligence and sheer abilities Matthew Solly is an individual who offers the best close protection in the world.
Matthew Solly is beyond just an ordinary bodyguard with massive chest, rather he is physically fit and exceptionally intelligent and well experienced in every aspect of close protection. These attributes have gained him a high rank as a bodyguard in North America. Furthermore his ability to predict security situations perfectly has also gained him so much admiration from his clients, foresight to see and make moves beforehand, speed and ability to communicate effectively makes him an outstanding choice for personal protection in North America. Many CEOs and business owners have come to the realisation of Matthew Solly’s ability to provide the best executive security in North America and have earmarked him as one of the best bodyguard for hire in North America. Due to the increasing nature of competition amongst CEOs, individuals and corporate organizations, there has been an increasing need for bodyguards in North America to provide executive protection for these businessmen and women in North America.
Although many have been tasked with providing VIP protection in North America, Matthew Solly still stands out as the most impressive candidate to call on to provide VIP security in North America. Many of the clients he has worked with always long for more of his services and have also made series of recommendations to others. His network of clients keep increasing as he continues to diligently, skillfully and professionally carry out his services, he is well known for his perfect blend of style and professionalism in the discharge of his duties. Many celebrities, VIPs and business owners while attending social functions have continually searched for bodyguards to hire in North America to safeguard them and their families. But now, the search is over, with Matthew Solly, you have a bodyguard with incredible skills on all fronts who can protect the safety of his clients against all forms of security threats, nearby and faraway. His loyalty to his clients have built his reputation for him on the basis of integrity. Matthew Solly is a security personnel with over 10 years of experience in the security industry. He provides security to high profile business men and officials in North America and has earned the trust of many of them. He is also an Operations Manager at one of the most reputable security companies in the world.

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