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With the increasing attention and popularity which our society is attributing to media and entertainment across the length and breadth of London, celebrities and VIP’s tend to enjoy so much admiration from the public. But few things that are worthy to note are the price of criticism and the question of how safe it is for celebrities to move about the streets of London. This is the point where executive protection London comes to the stage. As a Celebrity, Diplomat, Government Official, Royalty or Business Owner, you must not forget about your security. When it comes to close protection services London, Matthew Solly Bodyguarding is a name you can always trust.
As a certified close protection officer, Matthew Solly is licensed through the SIA (Security Industry Authority) to provide Bodyguard services London. He has a clean track record of providing protection in London for various VIP’s. With more than 10 year experience working in the security industry and having his own Bodyguard Company London, Matthew Solly has the area of London and the UK embedded in his memory. Hiring him for your personal protection London will ensure that you enjoy maximum security from one of the best close protection companies London. Proving security in such places as Manchester, Birmingham and down to London Matthew Solly has rendered his superb close protection London service for many clients across all these areas. He has unequivocally proven to be one of the best bodyguards London. This is evident from the tons of prominent VIP’s  and clients who always seek to use his close protection services London.
One of the things that makes Matthew Solly unique among providers of bodyguard services London is his intelligent deployment of state of the art technological devices to ensure advanced security in his close protection services London. Another factor which has further boosted clients’ confidence in his bodyguard company London is his familiarity with VIP protection. Matthew Solly is very familiar with the situations surrounding the media, fans, crowds and spectators in London. Therefore, he can provide clients such as celebrities, diplomats, royal families, CEOs and all other VIP’s needing executive protection London.
Matthew Solly happens to be one of the best bodyguards London. His high level of expertise and experience has gained him a full certification to operate his Bodyguard Company London. His wealth of experience and intensive training as close protection officer includes close protection operations, threat and risk assessment, Operational planning, Safe route selection, Law and legislation, Conflict management and more. He has been providing close protection London and around the UK for several years, hiring him will give you an assurance that your security is being professionally handled by one of the most highly ranked close protection companies London. With Matthew Solly Bodyguarding, you can now freely enjoy your trips, meetings, vacations, and rest of mind anywhere you wish to visit as a VIP in London.

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