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Dubai being popularly known as a global city and the business hub of the Middle East has continually drawn so much attention globally. With millions of tourists and business individuals visiting the city annually, security has become a major concern. With Matthew Solly’s special close protection Dubai, your worries about safety anywhere in Dubai are over. As a highly trained close protection officer and well experienced in close protection Dubai, he has a wide first-hand experience and technical know-how of security threats in Dubai and every other part of United Arab Emirate. As Dubai is known for being a major commercial hub when it comes to trading of Gold, these gold deals are however not absolutely free of threats unknown to foreign Businessmen. This is one important reason why a lot of prominent Businessmen cannot do without utilizing readily available and sophisticated close protection Dubai being offered by Matthew Solly Bodyguarding.
Matthew Solly updates his close protection services with advanced knowledge in line with International best practices. This is in addition to his professional training which includes close protection operations, threat and risk assessment, Operational planning, Safe route selection, Law and legislation, Conflict management and more. He has a laudable track record of providing maximum close protection in Dubai for many VIP tourists from various parts of the world. If you are visiting places in Dubai ranging from the Burj Khalifa to Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum, Burj Al-Arab and many more, Matthew Solly will make sure you enjoy maximum executive protection in Dubai if you hire him because he is very familiar with how things work in Dubai. One of the features that make Matthew Solly exceptionally efficient among providers of executive protection in Dubai is the intelligent way he networks and researches the local areas in Dubai where you will be visiting, this helps to ensure you are adequately provided with a sophisticated and intelligence based multi defence line executive protection.
Matthew Solly Bodyguarding and close protection Dubai goes beyond just having a hefty bodyguard following you everywhere you go. He utilizes an exceptional blend of intelligence, professional preventive measures and uses smart technological devices to make sure you are adequately protected in Dubai against all forms of threat which also include security threats you are completely unaware of, but are fully known and taken care of by him. He will provide an executive protection that will suite your lifestyle and schedule. He is a specialist in advanced driving, security surveillance, risk assessment and he will provide recommendations that will enable you to enjoy your visit to Dubai in the safest way. Whenever you hire Matthew Solly Bodyguarding for your executive protection in Dubai, he will handle your security in the most professional manner. He ensures noninterference with your privacy while still maintaining maximum security. He can put smart mechanisms in place that will detect suspicious activities in your location. With his close protection service, you are assured of a safe and peaceful stay anywhere in Dubai.

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