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Central American countries are a huge part of the American story today. Though the countries therein are not of high populations, they all thrive economically and socially. Guatemala and El Salvador, with a combined population of over 25 million, offer citizens, visitors and tourists with some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches you can find anywhere in the world. Other countries that constitute Central America are Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. These countries are unique in their own rights and have special features that distinguish them from other countries of the world. Central America has a combined population of between 41,739,000 and 42,688,190. The region is marked and known for its renowned archaeological sites and natural beauties which has made it a regular destination for people from all walks of life. Archaeologists, tourists, businessmen and women, top government officials etc. all visit the different countries in the region for various purposes.
However, with the region having a recent history of conflict and violence, you would agree that there is the need for close protection in Central America. Though some countries in the region are fairly safer than others, it does not overrule the fact that no matter where you intend visiting in the region, you need the best close protection services in Central America. Using a bodyguard ensures that you are a step ahead of others when it comes to personal protection. It is evidently clear that while visiting one or more countries in the region, your safety is probably among your biggest concerns. In a region with beautiful mountains, volcanoes, lakes, relaxed waves and much more, you need an impressive and trustworthy bodyguard for hire that will properly take care of your personal security in Central America. Matthew Solly is here to provide you the best security in the world. He undoubtedly stands out among close protection companies and ensures that hiring bodyguards in Central America will no longer be an uphill task if you choose to use him.
Bodyguard hire has been one challenge that’s been tackled by Matthew Solly already. While ensuring that he renders the ‘bodyguard for hire in Central America’ service to the optimum, he also considers not just high-profile individuals but also low ones. Matthew Solly is an experienced and professionally trained close protection officer in Central America, licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority), with over ten year experience in the security industry. For celebrities and royal family members, Matthew Solly offers an unequalled VIP protection in Central America while for CEOs and top government officials, executive protection in Central America is provided by Matthew Solly. Some countries in Central America have already taken the lead in measure which deepen human capital and is also targeted at alleviating poverty. Also, by promoting free trade, Central American countries have strongly attracted investors and businessmen and women who need executive security in Central America from various parts of the world to contribute to the financial sector of their economies. While in any of the region’s countries, Matthew Solly, with his training in close protection operations, threat and risk assessment, law and legislation etc. will expertly offer you his VIP security in Central America while deploying the latest technological devices for his job.

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