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The country of Bahrain is a beautiful country located in the Middle East with a population of about 1.3 million people including 666,172 non-nationals. it stands out among countries as one rooted in the Arab constitutional monarchy and also because of its rich culture which includes the uniqueness of its traditional markets, well-constructed mosques and burial mounds. Travelers and lovers of crafts, locally built edifices and unique cultures have seen country as a trustworthy destination for exploration, pleasure and fun. With over 10 million visits to Bahrain yearly, security of lives and property in the country cannot be taken for granted. There is the need for VIP’s to properly and adequately secure themselves and their property with one or more bodyguards in Bahrain. With different close protection companies, you might be confused on what company to choose from regarding close protection in Bahrain. A very dependent and reliable bodyguard that guarantees maximum security and allays your fears over your safety is Matthew Solly. Matthew will ensure unparalleled personal protection in Bahrain for any individual who uses him.
Matthew Solly is a professionally trained and SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed close protection officer with over ten year experience in the security industry. He provides close protection for both low and high-profile individuals exquisitely. Clients from all over the world hire Matthew due to his high level of security and personal protection. He is also available to provide personal security in Bahrain to businessmen and women in and around the Middle Eastern archipelago. Celebrities, CEOs and royal family members located in the country can confidently consult Matthew Solly Bodyguarding to provide them VIP security. His services still remain one of the best you will find regarding VIP protection.
Bahrain is richly blessed with different tourist centres and attractions with jaw-dropping artistic designs and crafts. Matthew Solly is, without doubt, the best bodyguard that can be consulted and hired when you want to embark on a trip around the country. Bodyguard hire in Bahrain is easily guaranteed with Matthew Solly not just because of his experience in the security industry but also because of his versatility and knowledge about the Bahraini cities. From the Bab-Al, located in the capital city of the country, Manama to the Riffa clock Tower in Riffa, visitors and tourists needing executive protection in Bahrain will be afforded the opportunity of free movement and peace of mind due to the top-level and exceptional security protection to be enjoyed from the best executive security, in person of Matthew Solly.
Close protection in Bahrain is very much needed in wonderful places such as the City Centre, Bahrain Fort, Adhani Park in the Zinj area (with over a million visitors yearly) and the Al Areen Wildlife Park, Sakhir, in order to avoid being victims to criminals whenever visiting those areas. With the counrty rated the 111th safest country in the world, it is definitely not a bad idea to contact Matthew Solly for a ‘bodyguard for hire in Bahrain’ service due to his advanced technological use of the modern-day security systems to effectively execute his tasks.

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