Bodyguards for Hire
Bodyguards for Hire

Close Protection trained and licensed Bodyguards for Hire

The majority of people wonder why they use bodyguards for hire because they assume that life in terms of security has been fair with them. But the VIP’s always prepare for the rainy day as their status, property and lifestyle could attract risks and security threats to their lives and property.
Public opinion is that bodyguards are meant for the rich and famous, but this is not always the case in this century as certain situations and positions warrant personal protection – hence, the need to hire a bodyguard. With the current exponential increase in the crime rate across the globe, celebrities, corporate executives, politicians, chief executive officers, diplomats can not get full sleep as they are bothered with the fear and worries of threats in their environment. Based on the above reasons, personal and home security have become so important. Therefore, having a bodyguard for hire is a good measure for personal protection.
The following categories of people usually need to hire bodyguards: CEO’S (chief executive officers), VIP’s, royal families, business owners and those that handle money and other valuables, owners of venues that attract attention, wealthy individuals, celebrities, diplomats etc.
They may need to hire a bodyguard for the following reasons:
1. A bodyguard can easily predict people’s intentions. A stranger could be a criminal and his intentions might be unknown. They may be spies carrying out confidential assignments against you. Bodyguards have undergone psychological training that enable them to make relevant predictions about the intention of a stranger.
2. A bodyguard for hire can help you with security and non-security information and ideas. A bodyguard is not just a security officer but a companion. A bodyguard can be relied on as a confidant as he/she can offer suggestions and ideas on issues he/she is conversant with.
3. A bodyguard can act as your spy to get confidential information which can be helpful to you. You can send your bodyguard out to inspect a particular environment, people and the activities being carried out in such environment. Such information can serve as safety precaution while in such environments or when dealing with people from such environment.
4. A bodyguard can defend you from physical assaults and threats –a bodyguard is always on a rescue mission with you. Bodyguards for hire are skillful in security and safety and are trained to administer first aid treatment, therefore, a bodyguard can be helpful when you sustain an injury.
5. A bodyguard usually carries out threat checks, surveillance, and vulnerability test at your home, office and vehicles used for daily activities. These are preventive measures to avoid dangerous events that can be threatening to lives and property.
6. A bodyguard can also help in other needs or activities assigned to them by you.
7. The presence of a bodyguard can scare off people planning an attack on you because they are always fit as they embark on regular workout and fitness exercises.
Matthew Solly Bodyguarding can offer VIP protection, executive protection, personal protection and close protection that merit your status. Matthew is one of the most professional bodyguards for hire and licensed by the Security Industry Authority.
Choosing the right bodyguard is vital because the wrong ones can cost lives and property. As expected, Matthew Solly maintains a close relationship with his clients and operates with a high level of confidentiality.

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