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Matthew Solly Bodyguarding provides professional bodyguard services throughout the United Kingdom. Matthew provides security services such as VIP (very important person) protection, close protection, executive protection and personal protection.
Bodyguard security services are available for the protection of individuals, corporate bodies or groups from the danger or threat of violence, social vices and harmful situation of events.
Matthew is one of the most professional bodyguards for hire in the UK and close protection licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). He has the capacity to cope in diverse conditions, he is observant and swift in action/reaction and remains firm and calm in bad and dangerous situations.
He works with many individuals such as celebrities, MP’s, royal families, private companies, banks and for many organizations in the UK and across the World.
Matthew Solly’s bodyguard protection services entail the protection of his clients from potential risks, terrorism, political opposition attacks, and over excited fans. He also keeps vigilant and carries out surveillance checks before the arrival of his clients at any venue, social gathering, meetings or any other public and private places.
Matthew Solly Bodyguarding offers 24-hour bodyguard services, weekend services and night or day services. Matthew can travel abroad to offer protection services for any interested client that is in need of personal protection services.
The world is evolving and technology is advancing with us being in the drone age. At Matthew Solly Bodyguarding services, Matthew can use sophisticated technological equipment and devices to ensure an effective personal security service.
His bodyguard security services are confidential and he has been trained to keep clients details and conversations private, so you can be sure your information is kept strictly confidential.
Matthew can make diplomats, VIP’s and celebrities feel more comfortable and safe as he is familiar with the situation surrounding media and spectators. He has undergone special bodyguard training to deliver maximum protection against local, national and international threats surrounding politician’s, celebrities and VIP’s. He provides secure transport; escort for VIP, government officials, celebrities and goods and valuables under transport. He also provides home and family protection services; Matthew blends in easily with different environments – therefore, his got you covered.
With strict adherence to the provisions of the law and the type of security desired by his clients, Matthew is available for different classes of bodyguard service you desire.
Matthew is also available to provide close protection and bodyguard services throughout London, the UK and Worldwide.
Matthew offers intelligent bodyguard security services with outstanding and amazing communication skills. Matthew is physically fit and up-to-date in security service training and law.
Matthew’s professional bodyguard services include child kidnapping preventive measures, monitoring of communication, business and home protection.
Executive protection is available for CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) and principal officials of any organization as they may be the victims of the potential targets inherent in such organization.

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If you are looking for professional and reliable bodyguard security services, please contact Matthew Solly Bodyguarding for a free security quotation. Call Matthew on 07490076007 or email him at [email protected].